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The Compact
Travel Hoodie

The most compact, versatile and high performance hoodie you'll ever own.

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Simple Hoodie.
Odor Resistant
Light and breathable
Moisture Wicking
Temperature Regulating
Every. Detail. Matters.
That’s why when designing our Compact Travel Hoodie, we worked ultra-light travelers across the globe, and used feedback from hundreds of customers. After more than a year at the drawing board, we are proud to introduce you to The New Compact Travel Hoodie. A sleek, stylish and versatile warmer layer suited perfectly for minimal travel and everyday life.
Sleek design. High performance.
Sleek design. High performance.
  • Matte black pull tab
  • 3% elastane added for durability and stretch
  • Sleek black YKK inverted zipper
  • Seamless Pockets
  • Lightweight ultra-fine Merino wool for light packing and breathability
  • 21.5 micron / 250 GSM
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    Bundle and Save<br> with The Ultimate<br> Unbound Kit<br> <span>$629.00</span> <strike>$763.00</strike> <style> .s--pid__title.h2 span{color:#ff5a5f} .s--pid__title.h2 strike {color:#363636} .s--pid__title.h2 strike, .s--pid__title.h2 span {   font-weight:500;    font-size: 24px;    display: inline-block;    margin-top: 7px; }  @media screen and (max-width: 768px) {   .s--pid__title.h2 strike,   .s--pid__title.h2 span {     font-size: 20px;    } } </style>
    Bundle and Save
    with The Ultimate
    Unbound Kit
    $629.00 $763.00
    The best way to always travel with just a carry-on. No matter the weather or occasion, you’ll move easily, look your best and stay comfortable. Squeeze weeks or even months of on-going travel with the perfect combination of shirts (x2), socks (x3), underwear (x3) and warmer layers - one long sleeve T-shirt, the Compact Travel Hoodie, and Classic Button-Down.
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