Men's Merino Wool Pants

Our superfine, premium Merino wool collection has been specifically developed to stand up to the rigors of travel and everyday life.

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Get a Leg Up on Your Travels with Merino Wool Pants

It’s not uncommon to pack two pairs of pants for a trip abroad and then call it a day. Men have been doing it for ages. And with a lesser pair of chinos or jeans, it’s a recipe for discomfort – sweating, chafing, itching discomfort.

But you can get a leg up on your travels by choosing the right pants. Introducing the linchpin in our collection of men's merino bottoms – the Merino Travel Pants and Sweatpants. These are high-performance, high-comfort, highly stylish pants made for any type of travel experience. Alongside our merino shorts, they’re the only bottoms your carry-on bag needs.

Not Your Ordinary Wool Pants

We understand that the term “wool pants” might evoke a strange image for some people: Itchy tartan slacks in the 1970s, or high-rise dress pants in the Prohibition Era. But we assure you, these are not the same. We aren’t here to bring back the zoot suit (we’ll leave that to another company).

Merino wool isn’t like the other wools. For one, it’s soft and comfortable – we only use premium, superfine Merino wool with a tightly woven structure that feels plush to the touch. Our Merino wool men’s pants and men’s Merino wool sweatpants are also breathable, sweat-wicking and antimicrobial, meaning that – while other pants might weigh you down – ours keep you feeling breezy and fresh. And when the temperature drops, our Merino pants reveal another skill, insulating your body warmth to protect against the chill.

Learn more about the science behind this natural wonder-material in our ultimate guide to merino wool.

Styles to Fit Your Lifestyle

We’ve met every kind of traveler. It’s one of the perks of operating a trusted travel clothing brand. We’ve met adventure seekers determined to muscle their way to the top of the Himalayas or wack their way to the densest reaches of the Costa Rican rainforest. We’ve met staunch urbanites who prefer the time-worn charm of a European city or the frenetic energy of an Asian megalopolis. We’ve met beach dwellers, history buffs, foodies, digital nomads and just-plain-nomads.

But we’ve never met a traveler that didn’t appreciate these Merino wool pants. Relaxed, casual travelers and thrill-seekers alike find a high-performance home in our sweatpants. Sophisticated urban business travelers and all-night partiers stock their wardrobes with our Men’s Merino wool travel pants. And even non-travelers, happy to kick back on the couch as they work from home, kick back in these pants.

They fit you. They fit your style and your lifestyle – whatever that may be.

The Ideal Exercise Pants

As more and more positive reviews rolled in for our Merino wool pants men’s line, we noticed a trend. More people than we initially expected were using our Merino pants for exercise. It makes perfect sense: These are ultra-breathable, agile and sweat-wicking items. They’re built to withstand the rigors of some tough travel, to perform in temperature extremes and rugged terrains. Naturally, they can handle your fitness regimen with ease.

So, we’re leaning into it. We even tried it ourselves. And we’re happy to report that – like so many others have confirmed – these are indeed the ideal exercise pants. Whether you’re fitting in a morning run in Mexico City, a brisk hike in Helsinki or gym visit in your hometown, our MerinoTencel Sweatpants help you stay in shape.

Browse various neutral colors and pair them with our Merino boxer briefs for the ultimate in comfort and agility.

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