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Why Merino Wool T Shirts Are A
Must Have For Any Traveler

The better prepared you are for your trip, the more likely you’ll enjoy it. Being prepared starts with the clothing you pack on your trip, and for many of us, deciding which t shirts to bring is an extremely important decision. They’re your base layer, your go to piece of clothing, and arguably the most important item you’ll bring. We all have favorite t shirts, and if you travel a lot, chances are that a Merino wool t shirt is at the top of the list of your favorite travel items. Read More

No matter where you’re going, you’ll want to be packing a Merino wool t shirt. No other t shirt will be able to go with you to the highest mountain to the most pristine beaches or to an all-night party that doesn’t stop once the sun comes up. The ability of Merino wool clothing to stay dry makes Merino wool t shirts the perfect piece of clothing for the travelling adventurer. After all, explorers have been wearing them for centuries.

The Benefits of Merino Wool T Shirts

There are many benefits that Merino clothing offers, and having a Merino wool t shirt truly makes the most of this amazing material. Merino wool clothing has been highly sought after for hundreds of years, prized by adventurers of the land and sea. No other material on earth is as lightweight and breathable yet warm, waterproof, stain proof and virtually smell proof. It sounds too good to be true, but it is! A Merino wool t shirt will be able to withstand a lot more ‘adventure’ than any cotton t shirt ever will.

Merino Wool T Shirt in Warm Climates

There’s nothing worse than wearing a wet, heavy, dragging t shirt in warm, tropical climates. Sticky can be an understated adjective to describe what happens to cotton t shirts in tropical, humid climates. Cotton readily absorbs moisture, making it heavy, wet, and really annoying to wear, especially when you’re trying to cover ground and explore as much as possible. Merino wool t shirts don’t absorb moisture and remain breathable, even when the humidity is through the roof. Best of all, if you are in a tropical climate, you know you’ll eventually have to worry about your clothing starting to smell. Due to the amazing water repelling ability of Merino wool clothing, your t shirt won’t smell, not matter how much you sweat or the levels of humidity.

Merino Wool T Shirt In Cold Climates

In colder climates, Merino wool clothing is often used as base layer clothing. Merino wool tee shirts are exceptional choices for base layer clothing in cold conditions, especially if you are exerting energy and sweating. When it’s cold out and you’re sweating, the last thing you want to do is wear clothing against your skin that will trap moisture. Merino wool doesn’t absorb moisture due to the thin waxy coating that covers each strand of fiber. When you create a fabric that is extremely tightly woven with this ‘water proof’ waxy coating, you create the ultimate base layer t shirt.

Merino Wool T Shirts Also Look Great!

Beyond of all the tactical, performance based benefits that Merino wool t shirts offer, they look good and don’t stretch, meaning you can keep looking good all trip long! You won’t be able to wear a cotton t shirt all day discovering new experiences into that late-night dance party or pub crawl. Our Merino wool t shirts are designed to look as good as they perform, which says a lot. When you’re ready to start making your next adventure a reality, be prepared and pack a couple Merino wool t shirts with you. Don’t let clothing slow you down!