Men's Merino Wool Sweaters

Sleek design meets high performance with our temperature-regulating Merino wool midlayers. Both stylish and versatile, our men's Merino wool hoodie and Merino wool sweatshirts are all the warmth you'll need for minimal travel and everyday life.

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Men’s Merino Wool Sweaters and Hoodies: The Only Mid-Layer a Traveler Needs

A little cool weather shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. While summer grabs the lion’s share of tourist attention, fall, winter, and spring have their unmistakable charms. Traveling in the shoulder seasons is less expensive, the lines for attractions are shorter, and the scenery is gorgeous. The only consideration is how to pack all of that warm clothing.

In our quest for tips to travel light, we found the solution: Our Men’s Wool Sweaters and Merino Wool Hoodie Men’s line, which are light and compact enough to fit in a carry-on but strong enough to withstand whatever the weather throws at you.

The Benefits of Packing Light for Travel

When you pack for a trip, you’re packing for an adventure – an unbound journey into an unpredictable world. Packing too heavily only slows you down, sucks your energy, and keeps you in place.

As long-time proponents of ultralight travel, Unbound Merino understands first-hand the time, money, and energy advantages of a minimal bag. A single bag lets you forgo baggage fees, skip the luggage carousel, nimbly board trains, and remain agile as you navigate your destination.

Traveling light in colder climates starts with our Men’s Merino Wool Sweaters and Hoodies.

Merino Mid-Layers: Warmth Without Volume

Here’s the issue: You want to maximize warmth while minimizing volume. No material on earth strikes a finer balance than Merino Wool.

Our line of mid-layer clothing features superfine (17.5 micron) Merino Wool, which has impactful insulating power but still feels light and breezy. You can layer our compact travel hoodie for more warmth or wear it alone in the transitional seasons. You can throw it at the bottom of a bag without worrying about wrinkles. You can hike it to the top of a mountain without worrying about excessive sweat and odor. And you can take it out for a classy night on the town, confident that you look as good as you feel. These are light, warm, versatile garments made for a carry-on bag.

Meanwhile, mid-layers made of synthetic fibers can disrupt the essential flow of water evaporation and air, leaving your mid-layer garment feeling cold and clammy. And that’s even before it rains. They might have been lab-engineered to be light, but they can’t match the effectiveness (or sustainability) of a natural Merino product.

You can read more about Merino’s many superpowers in our ultimate guide to merino wool.

Meet the Men’s Merino Wool Sweaters and Hoodies

What’s your speed? Do you feel best in a classic-cut, compact men's wool hoodie or the more casual Kanga-style merino wool pullover hoodie? Are you feeling the rustic sophistication of a men’s wool sweater or the cosmopolitan class of a Merino Cardigan? Or maybe, you just need a well-built Waffle Crew Long Sleeve to make a powerful statement?

Wherever you’re headed and whatever your tastes, find a functional and fresh mid-layer item in our Men’s Wool Sweaters and Hoodies collection. To match with a base layer or sophisticated button-up, check out our full collection of men's tops, like our ever-popular merino t shirts.

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