Men's Merino Wool Polo Shirts

Our Merino Polo is so soft, stylish and comfortable, you’ll want to wear it every single day - and because it’s Merino wool, you actually can. The natural performance of Merino wool meets the timeless, effortless and elevated style of a perfect fitting Polo.

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The Timeless Polo with a Merino Twist

The polo is a timeless men’s wardrobe staple. Formal enough for a round of golf at a country club, but casual enough for drinks at a sports bar afterwards, it’s the Goldilocks option for men’s tops. And because of their versatility, mens polo shirts travel particularly well. Especially when you add Merino wool to the mix.

Whether you’re dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Basque Country, trekking a mountain in Tierra del Fuego, lounging poolside in Penang, or schmoozing on a work trip to Tokyo – the timeless travel polo shirt from Unbound Merino fits right in. It’s a crowd-pleaser in our collection of men's tops, ideal for any kind of trip.

Why Travel with Merino Wool

Cotton and synthetics might be cheap, but they’re cheap for a reason. They lack the all-round versatility of Merino wool. They either trap sweat and heat, or fail to insulate. They wrinkle quickly and dry slowly. And after a day of wear, they smell about as bad as you’d expect.

By contrast, Merino wool is a) breathable, b) sweat-wicking, c) insulating, d) wrinkle-resistant, e) fast-drying and f) antimicrobial. You can wear it anytime, for as long as you want, and you’re guaranteed to look, feel and smell your best. That means you can pack fewer items in your carry-on bag, travel lighter and feel better. In the travel community, we call that a win-win.

The Endless Versatility of a Merino Wool Polo

Add Merino wool to the classic polo and you get something so versatile that it could just be the only top you need to pack.

Polo shirts are versatile to begin with, adapting to various circumstances and formality levels with ease. In one light, they look casual; in another, they look formal. They’re the optical illusions of the clothing world. Once you add Merino to the mix, you get a whole separate kind of versatility, as Merino adapts to various climates, weather patterns and activity levels. Together, mens Merino wool polo shirts are an unstoppable force of versatility.

Specs, Colors and Style Ideas

Our men’s Merino polo is a classic fit of blended Merino made with a pique-style dobby construction (a technical way of saying that it has a slightly grained surface typical of most polos). It comes in neutral colors that pair well with other items or accessories. You can dress it up with chinos or dress pants and a nice watch. You can dress it down with shorts and a ball cap. Or you can layer it with our men's merino t shirts for a robust winter base layer.

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