Men's Merino Underwear & Boxer Briefs

The ultra-fine Merino wool and reinforced stitching found here is the exact same Merino wool and stitching we use to make our Merino wool T-shirts. We then went the extra step of perfectly blending each Merino fiber with Nylon and Spandex for extra durability and a more snug fit.

Light & Breathable
Light & Breathable
Fast Drying
Fast Drying
Perfect for packing
Perfect for packing

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Meet The (Mostly) Unseen Hero of Your Travel Wardrobe: Men’s Merino Underwear

Underwear shouldn’t be an afterthought. The first line of defense against the heat and cold, this critical piece of travel wear deserves special treatment. And at Unbound, that’s exactly what we did.

Our mens Merino wool briefs might go (mostly) unseen, but that hasn’t stopped us from engineering the perfect pair. Marrying the unparalleled benefits of Merino wool with a sleek design and neutral colors, we’ve created the pinnacle in men's travel underwear – a pair that stands up to whatever you throw at it.

Take it hiking in the Himalayas and watch it navigate the sweat and cold like a skilled sherpa. Take it for a weeklong train ride on the Trans-Siberian express and watch it battle sweat and odor like a Siberian tiger. Drag it through rainstorms in South America, heatwaves in Europe, cold snaps in Canada – this men's underwear is made for the most demanding, rigorous travel experiences.

What’s So Special About Merino Wool?

To understand why Merino makes the best underwear for men, you have to get science-y. Laboratories have tried to reverse engineer a material that works like Merino, but there’s one thing they can’t match: thousands of years of evolution.

Merino sheep have taken their time to adapt to the elements. Their wool is coated in a fine layer of lanolin, a moisturizing wax that protects the sheep from cold and heat alike. The wool is also naturally antimicrobial and sweat-wicking. When you transfer that wool to clothing, you transfer all of those benefits. Whether it’s men's merino pants and shorts, women’s leggings, or the perfect pair of underwear, you’ll feel the difference.

Why Unbound Merino Underwear Is the Perfect Travel Pair

Our Merino wool briefs are silky-soft, breathable, insulating, sweat-wicking, fast-drying and odor resistant.

What does that mean for a traveler? It means a few things. To start, you only need to pack a couple of pairs, which reduces the size and weight of your luggage. Seriously, we’ve met people that have worn their Unbound briefs for weeks without reporting any off odors.

Second, it means you spend less time at laundromats, and more time exploring the world. Every minute matters to a traveler; these travel underwear for men make sure you spend that time in meaningful ways.

And thirdly – maybe most importantly – it means that you always feel snug and comfortable in your underwear. Nothing takes the proverbial wind out of a traveler’s sails like sweaty, bunched up underwear while you’re fighting the crowds for a spot on a packed train. Let’s never let that happen again.

The Year-Round Advantage of Merino Underwear

Underwear is a year-round clothing item. You wear the same briefs in January that you do in July. Therefore, it’s crucial for those briefs to be versatile. Merino wool’s ability to be both insulating and breathable makes it the ideal choice for year-round clothing. In the cold winter, it forms an effective base layer under an insulating pair of merino pants. And in the summer, it’s a breezy, breathable layer of protection under some Merino shorts.

But don’t let us convince you. Try it for yourself. We’re confident that our Merino wool underwear mens line will impress.

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