The ultra-fine Merino wool and reinforced stitching found here is the exact same Merino wool and stitching we use to make our Merino wool T-shirts. We then went the extra step of perfectly blending each Merino fiber with Nylon and Spandex for extra durability and a more snug fit. Odor resistant Light and breathable Fast drying Moisture wicking

Men’s Merino Wool Underwear from
Unbound Merino

For the same reasons that travelers and adventures have been wearing Merino wool clothing for centuries, Merino wool underwear is an important part of any traveler’s backpack. We designed the most comfortable, breathable Merino wool underwear available, ready to go wherever you are. Besides the ability to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, our Merino wool underwear will stay clean where other underwear and boxer briefs fail. Read More

Hygienic Benefits of Merino Wool Underwear

Our men’s Merino wool boxer briefs were designed for comfort, performance and hygiene. The amazing ability of Merino wool to prevent moisture absorption makes it the perfect material to use for boxer briefs of the travelling adventurer. Regardless of the nature or climate of your trip, having dry underwear is extremely important, and the easiest way to make sure you always have a pair of dry underwear, ready to go, is to pack a pair of our Merino wool boxers!

Save Space And Time With Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

The lighter you pack, the easier it is to get to your next destination, whether that’s an airport, scenic look-out or mountain top. This is especially true if your trip involves multiple destinations and lots of stops. Underwear can take up a lot of precious space, especially if you’re going on a long trip or a destination with a range of climates. Merino wool boxer briefs can be worn for days without washing, or smelling! Used as an essential component in men’s base layer performance clothing, we’re produced the most technical underwear out there, and the most comfortable.

Soft Enough for Your Sensitive Areas

Our underwear does much more than keep you dry and warm. They keep you feeling good! That old ugly wool sweater you wear at holiday parties for the irony is not Merino wool, and until you’ve felt what our Merino wool feels like, you can’t image how comfortable, supportive and breathable our men’s Merino wool underwear is. While they certainly deliver comfort, they also deliver style. Designed to be worn in more formal settings than mountains and forests, you’ll never have to worry about your underwear looking like technical clothing.

Our Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs
Make Terrific Gifts!

We like to challenge the notion that men don’t like getting underwear as gifts. A pair of our Merino wool boxer briefs mean adventure! Upon receiving them, you may suddenly realize that upcoming trip you planned is a lot closer than you thought. Best of all, our Merino boxers will outlast any cotton boxer you have, by a long shot, making them great gifts for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Nothing is as comfortable, resilient and breathable as Merino wool underwear. Give the gift of adventure, give Merino wool! Read Less


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