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Nature's miracle fabric, in the gym. Cotton or synthetic activewear can't compete. Our naturally cooling, high performance Merino wool is designed to help you wear longer, wash less and pack light.

Odor Resistant
Odor Resistant
Fast Drying
Fast Drying
Ligthweight & Packable
Ligthweight & Packable

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Men's Active Merino Tank Top


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The Ultimate in Travel Activewear

After a 12-hour cross-continental long-haul flight, fewer things feel better than a run around your destination. Switchbacking through the winding hutons of Beijing, sprinting the wide-open straightaway of Paris’s Champs-Elysee, or racing the other runners around Vancouver’s Sea Wall. It’s an exhilarating introduction of an unfamiliar place.

And there’s no better workout buddy than our Merino wool activewear line. Unbound’s Merino activewear serves two functions. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of travel – the heat and rain, the bag-stuffing, the lack of ready access to a washing machine. But our Merino travel activewear also holds its own against your sweatiest pursuits – the runs, jumps, climbs and lifts.

The (Traditional) Problems with Active Travel

Traditionally, if you wanted to work out while traveling, you encountered three glaring issues. One, staying active on the road requires you to pack a whole separate wardrobe or two. You had to carve out precious space in your luggage for a couple workout shirts and shorts, leaving you less room for everyday wear.

Second, you had to figure out what to with this sweaty pile of cotton or polyester once the workout was over. And you either had to frequent a laundromat (stealing time from your trip) or live with smelly activewear in your bag. And third, you had this flashy activewear with glaring logos and one weird neon stripe – not exactly something you could wear for any other occasion.

What Sets Merino Wool Activewear Apart

Merino activewear solves all the problems above. Because it’s lightweight, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, you only need one shirt and one pair of shorts for a long trip. Day over day, workout over workout, your Merino activewear will stay fresh and odor-busting, saving you countless disruptive trips to the laundromat (and saving your luggage from smelling like a gym bag).

And you won’t find a flashy logo or unnecessary frill on our men's tops, merino shorts and pants. They come in neutral colors and sophisticated fits. So, when you’re finished that lap of Champs-Elysee, you won’t feel embarrassed about sitting down at a café.

Meet the Unbound Merino Men’s Activewear Line

Whatever your style, you’ll find something in the Unbound Merino men’s activewear line. For a classic short-sleeve look, check out the Active Merino T-shirt. And to show off a bit more bicep at the gym, check out our Active Merino Tank Top. To bring the whole look together, shop our Men’s Active Merino Shorts. Each item comes in a line of neutral colors that easily mix and match.

If you do wish to wash your men’s activewear on a trip, we understand. Read through our guide to caring for merino clothes at the link.

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