The Benefits Of Packing Light This Summer Vacation

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August 28, 2017

There are fewer things more vexing, more downright exhausting than having to wait next to a luggage carousel after a 7+ hour flight, bleary eyed, teeming with anticipation, waiting for the clunky metal conveyer belt to spring to life. And when it finally decides to start going, you know that Murphy’s Law dictates that your bag will come through that chute dead last. All the while, as you flip through your phone for the umpteenth time, you’re eyeing those lucky ones who only packed a carry-on, stepping off their flights and leaving immediately to seize the day… That’s the first benefit of packing light this summer vacation.

At Unbound Merino, we’re travellers just like you, and can attest to the fact that travelling to far-flung places just feels better when you don’t have a travel pack the size (and weight) of a baby bear on your back. Seeing a city for the first time is more fun when you’re not lugging a bulky suitcase up a flight of stairs or through a crowded subway. We travel to be free, and it’s tough to do that with a bunch of stuff. That’s why we developed a line of Merino wool clothing that lasts a long time between washes, folds up neatly without wrinkling and works well in various climates and social settings.

Another benefit of packing light is that you’re less awkward in transit. Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s still likely that you’ll need to take a train, bus or even a puddle-jumper flight to a second location, and when you do that you don’t want to be banging around the overhead compartments trying to stuff some bulky luggage in. Trains are notoriously stingy on space, so packing light is definitely a smooth move if you plan on taking one. Just throw a few of our men's Merino wool t shirts in a slender backpack, along with a few other choice items, and roll onto that train like you’re a local.

And when you get to where you’re going, after a long (probably sweaty) day of travel, with conventional clothing that means you’re looking at doing a hefty load of laundry. Not so with Unbound Merino wool though. Our wool wicks away sweat, is antibacterial and dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about washing it after a day (or many days!) of solid travelling. Even our Merino wool underwear lasts a very long time without showing signs of dirtiness or smelliness. Laundry is just one more needless expense when you’re travelling, so it’s best to save your laundry money, throw on one of your dashing Unbound Merino shirts and use that money to treat yourself to a nice meal.

Lots of other things are liable to go wrong if you decide to pack heavy this summer vacation. The airline might lose your luggage, leaving you wearing your airplane clothes (Eww) for a few or more days. With a big bag, you could bump people on the streets, you could target yourself for theft, or fail to meet the dimension requirements for a storage locker at your hostel or hotel. With a wheeled suitcase, you could get caught on cobblestone, get caught on a sandy beach, or you could simply be caught having to get to the 20th floor of a hotel that doesn’t have an elevator.

Travelling is all about leaving your life behind for a while, so why bring your entire closet with you on vacation. Unbound Merino wool has your back if you want to ditch the big backpack. Our line of clothes stays cleaner for longer, with a streamlined aesthetic you can dress up for a night on the town, or dress down for a day on the hammock.

              Col Forbin
Col Forbin