Simplify Your Summer Vacation With Merino Wool

merino wool
May 07, 2022

Back in the 1970’s, a London boutique owner by the name of Susie Faux coined the term “capsule wardrobe” to define what she viewed as the perfect wardrobe: a minimalist collection of superior quality, timelessly fashionable clothing items that worked interchangeably. All you need, argue adherents of the capsule wardrobe, are a few choice garments that will last you a long time and won’t go out of style.

Fast forward to the present, and merino wool clothing totally fits the bill on this, offering the comfort and coziness of dress-down wear, the sleek look of dress-up fashion, the durability to last you many, many years, and a breathable, odor-resistant structure that saves you from having to constantly do laundry. And if wardrobe brevity is important in your everyday life, it becomes doubly important when you go on vacation. You want to pack light, want to bring a few articles of clothing without looking and smelling like you’ve brought a few articles of clothing, and you want those articles to be versatile and sophisticated. Not an easy ask, but Merino wool delivers.


With our custom shirts, socks and boxer briefs (and many more items on the way!), we at Unbound Merino have engineered our products to withstand the rigors of travel… well, nature engineered it; we just made it look great. You can seriously wear these clothes out for your entire trip. Whether on a food tour around the hutongs of Beijing, boating through a river in the Peruvian Amazon or dancing at a four-story mega-club in Berlin, even our merino wool underwear remains clean and dry! In our clothes, you look good, you smell good, and you feel good.

One of the keys to Merino wool’s long-lasting odor resistance is in its lanolin. Evolution decided, once upon a time, that it’d be cruel to let these Merino sheep walk around in the rain weighed down by drenched, heavy coats, and thus lanolin was born. Functioning primarily as a water-repelling agent for the sheep, the lanolin that coats each fine strand of Merino wool also served the double duty of staving off infection with its antibacterial properties. And what’s good for the sheep is good for the traveller. Lanolin’s ability to manage moisture, coupled with its antibacterial properties, means there’s no environment on which odor-causing bacteria can thrive.

Another benefit for those who wish to travel simply and in style is Merino wool’s wrinkle-resistance. We at Unbound Merino have certainly come across the problem of arriving in a new city after a long flight, rummaging through our bag for something clean to wear as we head out to fetch dinner, only to find a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes. Merino wool solves that problem handily. Each fine, durable fibre of the wool is like a coiled spring, ready to shoot back into place after you fold, twist or bend it. This means you can roll it, fold it or stuff it in your carry-on luggage with little concern for what it’ll look like on the other end. You need only to unpack once you’ve reached your final destination, take out one of your new mens merino wool t shirts and give it a quick shake-off. You’re ready to hit the town.

Your summer vacation – should you choose to take one – is right around the corner. In fact, a few of us here are leaving shortly on trips of our own. Not only has Merino wool simplified the way we travel, from carrying less luggage to making fewer trips to the Laundromat, but, once the vacation ends and normal life resumes, it has changed the basic way we maintain our wardrobe. Minimal, versatile, and of quality – those are concepts to live by.


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