8 Hacks For Better Business Travel

Travel Hacking
December 28, 2017

We’ve compiled a list of small, effective hacks – whether it’s curbing jet lag or packing Unbound Merino clothes – to make your next business trip a little more enjoyable.

 1. Pay For Flights And Accommodation On Your Own Card

Whether you’re the one who’s doing the booking, or you have to suck up to the travel coordinator at work, one way to make a business trip worth it is by putting the flights and accommodation on your own card, gathering those accompanying points. At the end of the year, when it comes time to take your vacation, you may find out that you have enough to fund your own trip, depending on which rewards credit card you have.

 2. Take To Social Media For Recommendations

Trawl your accounts for recommendations – that’s what they’re there for, to share information. Maybe you’ve got a friend in Denver that knows the absolute best dive bar, or a buddy in London who can say definitively where to see a good concert. Being selective with what you do on your off time will vastly improve the quality of your trip.

3. Take Time To Coordinate What You’ll Wear

Making sure that all your clothes go well together will make packing a whole lot easier. It takes some of the stress out of being in a new place, as well, if you have a simple wardrobe that you know looks and feels good. You don’t have to go matching your Merino wool underwear to your socks – nothing that extreme – but just putting together some complimentary clothes makes a good difference.

4. Pack Travel Detergent

It’s a common scenario: you’re not accustomed to the bumpy roads or foot traffic of a new place, and wind up sloshing some coffee on your Merino t shirt – don’t get caught without a hand-wash travel detergent, like Soak, which is wool safe. It’s inexpensive, fits in a small bag, and can save you from looking unkempt in front of colleagues.

 5. Roll Your Clothes

Generally, you want to pack light on a business trip, that way you’re not waiting for checked luggage or hauling a heavy suitcase through a new city. A great hack for packing light (a pack hack?) is to roll your clothes, making them more compact so you’re able to fit more into a small space.

 6. Set Your Internal Clock As Soon As You Take Off

Don’t wait until you land to try and reset your internal clock. Get in the mindset before you even step on the plane. For instance, if you fly out at 7pm, but it’s 11pm at your destination, try to get some sleep on the plane, as though you were going to bed at 11:30 or so, that way when you arrive, your next day won’t be so awful.  

 7. Pack Some Formal Wear

You never know when an employer or client is going to want to take you out for a fancy dinner, or to a club with a dress code, so it’s important to bring either a full suit, or a suit jacket. Packing it doesn’t have to be difficult with this simple, nine-step tutorial on how to fold a suit for your carry-on bag.

 8. Explore The Cultural Side Of The City

Finally, it’s important to know that, even though you’re there for work, you still need to have fun and enjoy the benefits of being somewhere new. Take in the city’s culture by going to an art gallery, or to an iconic restaurant or main square. If you treat it like a trip (albeit one where you have to work during the day), you might end up enjoying yourself!

              Col Forbin
Col Forbin