6 Top Travel Destinations For Spring

April 11, 2018

Winter isn’t a popular time for travel in most places (unless of course you’re in the Southern hemisphere), which is why when spring rolls around, everyone tends to get excited. Flowers are starting to bloom, the weather’s getting warmer, and people tend to be a little more adventurous. Grab last minute plane ticket and a small backpack, some Unbound Merino wool clothing and a rain jacket, and get out there.

Here are our top Spring travel destinations: 


Tokyo is abuzz at any time of the year, with its mile-a-minute entertainment districts and lush surrounding nature. But come during the spring for a quintessentially Japanese experience: the arrival of the sakura, or cherry blossoms. In late March and Early April, these pink flowers crowd the banks of the Maguro river and Chidorigafuchi Park, covering everything in a delicate floral blanket. And there are a number of traditional festivals to celebrate in the spring as well, like the Sanja Matsuri, which pulls in over two million people each year.

2. New York

Like Tokyo, there’s never a dull moment in New York, regardless of the time of year, but spring might just be the best time for visitors, with Central Park flaunting its natural beauty before the sweltering summer heat sets in. It’s also the shoulder season, so hotel prices (while high) haven’t hit their summer peak yet.

3. Cancun

Two words that inspire either full-on excitement or full-on disdain: spring break. One thing is undeniable though, and that is that Cancun during spring break is an experience. You don’t have to stay at one of the mega-resorts to have a good time though; stay at nearby Isla Contoy, a small island that’s a short boat ride away, and head in for some revelry at night.

4. Bangkok

Too many travellers come to Bangkok and only stick to Khaosan road, the frenetic, ultra-touristy strip of bars, hawker carts and clothing vendors that has come to epitomize the Bangkok backpack scene. Instead of that, take in the Songkran festival this spring – essentially a nationwide water fight – a perfect place for our quick-drying mens clothing collection.

5. Chicago

Visit in the spring to catch some of the first Cubs games of the season – the venue, the neighborhoud that surrounds it, and the atmosphere at Wrigley Field is electric. While you’re there, take in some comedy in one of the windy city's famed clubs and eat the (surprisingly controversial) Chicago deep-dish pizza. Our fav is Lou Malnati's

6. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is more than just tulips, weed and canals. Come during the spring to catch "King's Day" (Konigsdad), a giant party that's been dubbed "orange madness" by the Dutch. The streets and squares become jam-packed with partiers, as the city hosts free concerts and events that go all night. It’s pretty much the Dutch answer to Oktoberfest, except with orange drinks instead of beer.

Of course, anywhere you travel this spring is likely going to be amazing. The important part is that you travel light – you don’t want to be weighed down by luggage as you navigate these spring spots. For more tips on how to pack light this spring, and for info about our clothing, check out our website or get in touch with us through our contact page. With winter on its way out, there’s no better time to pack a small bag and head for somewhere you’ve never been.


              Col Forbin
Col Forbin