6 Hot Travel Items To Get In Time For Summer

May 31, 2018

Summer is far and away the most popular time of year to travel, owing mostly to the warm weather and relative lack of rain (though that’s heavily dependant on where you’re traveling). But it doesn’t come without its hassles. The warm weather can be a double-edged sword, leaving you sweaty, thirsty and burnt; the massive influx of like-minded tourists can be a pain; and the beach culture surrounding summer means that your electronics risk getting sandy and waterlogged. Luckily, there are travel items, like our collection of merino wool clothing for instance, that can help you help you enjoy your summer trip even more.

1. Collapsible Water Bottle

With hot weather, it’s doubly important to stay hydrated. Without water, you run the risk of dehydrating, which can pose a real health risk. On the other hand, a water bottle is a pretty bulky item to carry around with you. As a handy solution, carry with you a collapsible water bottle, like the Asrisuk water bottle or the Nomader, the latter of which topped this list of the best collapsible bottles for travel.


2. Waterproof Camera

Less a necessity and more of a neat luxury, a waterproof camera can help you up your social media game this summer by allowing you to snap some underwater photos, whether they’re of yourself or some interesting marine life. The Olympus Tough! TG-5 is a fantastic underwater camera, or for less than half the price you can go for the Fujifilm FinePix XP120.


3. Breathable Merino Wool Clothing

That’s right: what would a summer list be without Unbound Merino wool clothing. If you read our blog, you’ll already know about Merino wool’s moisture-wicking capabilities, its breathability and how its anti-microbial properties combat body odor. Those are all very important properties come summer time. And we’ve also introduced merino wool sweaters for men recently, meaning that you have something to wear come evening time, when the temperature drops a bit.


4. Solar Charger

Electrical outlets on beaches are in pretty short supply. That said, you still need your phone to be charged, given that – for many people, at least – the phone acts as a camera, GPS, music player… and phone. You can harness the natural power of the sun with a solar phone charger though, meaning that wherever the sun is shining, you’ll have bars.

5. Quick-Dry Towel

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’ll be moving around a lot on your summer trip, consider investing in a quick-dry towel, that way you don’t have to lug around a sodden piece of fabric. There are few things that can make a bag smell worse.


6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Finally, for the times when the hubbub of the crowds are just a bit too much, there are always noise-cancelling headphones. Say you get a hostel or hotel in some bustling city center, where late night parties tend to turn into early morning parties, you might want a pair of headphones that let you sleep in peace.

Then again, if you’re not into paying for headphones, there are some good white noise apps that do the trick.

Summer has its annoyances, but with these six items you won’t be too bothered. As always, if you have any questions about our Merino wool products, contact us anytime through our website.

              Col Forbin
Col Forbin