4 Amazing Facts About Merino Wool

merino wool
May 22, 2022

Whether you’re a world traveler or a homebody, whether you spend your Friday nights at a nightclub or curled in front of a Netflix series, whether you’re living in cold or warm weather, one thing’s definitely true: you like comfortable clothing. Everybody likes comfortable clothing, regardless of age, location, or any other dividing demographic – but what makes an article of clothing “comfortable”? If it was just softness that made something comfy then we’d all be decked out in silk all day, but there are other factors to consider like how it handles temperature, moisture and odour. Merino wool has all that going for it, which is why this post is dedicated to 4 amazing facts about our wonder-wool.

Temperature Control

Weather is wacky, and it’s only getting wackier, which is why here at Unbound Merino we look to offer a garment that is able to control temperature in whatever climate you might find yourself. In cold weather, our merino wool underwear, for example, provides a much-needed base layer, as merino wool’s ultra-fine fibres insulate and trap your body heat, making it the ideal underwear for a jaunt up the ski hill, or just on your day-to-day trudge to work during the winter. In warm weather, our v neck t shirts for example are the perfect counterpoint to humidity and body heat, as merino wool is also breathable.

Sweat Wicking Ability

And speaking of humidity and body heat, one of the other things that can make a garment uncomfortable really fast is moisture – sweat, specifically. Sweat wicking works like this: the fabric draws moisture by capillary action from the source of production (your skin) to the surface (the outside of the garment) where it can be easily evaporated. Whereas when you perspire in other fabrics, that perspiration just sticks around between your skin and your clothes, leaving you wet and itchy, merino wool wicks it to the surface, leaving you bone-dry. This in perfect for any summer hikes or walks around a city, as well as for any yard work that might need to be done.  

Anti-Bacterial Properties

But what good is sweat wicking if you’re still going to smell bad? Well, with merino wool you don’t have to worry about that either, as its anti-bacterial abilities combat the nasty bacteria responsible for unpleasant body odours. This has led many, ourselves included, to test how long we can wear a merino wool garment before it starts to show signs of uncleanliness – and the answer is: quite a long time!

Pillow-Like Softness

Lastly, what do you think when you think of the ultimate comfort: pillow-like softness. Because of merino wool’s ultra-fine fibre structure, it is extremely soft to the touch, and wearing it is bound to improve your mood (really, who can feel stressed when they’re wearing a shirt that feels like a literal cloud). If you want to really treat yourself, stock up on our socks and underwear, which, in addition to being ridiculously comfy, are also very stylish.

Don’t punish yourself by choosing rough, sweaty and smelly clothes, especially when those clothes are so often made entirely of synthetic fabrics and last only a year or two before coming apart at the seams. Go for the all-natural, sweat-wicking, odour-resistant, temperature-controlling and pillow-soft touch of Unbound Merino’s wool clothing.


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