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Nature's miracle fabric, in the gym. Cotton or synthetic activewear can't compete. Our naturally cooling, high performance Merino wool is designed to help you wear longer, wash less and pack light.

Odor Resistant
Odor Resistant
Fast Drying
Fast Drying
Ligthweight & Packable
Ligthweight & Packable

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Women's Active Merino Tank Top Black

Women's Active Merino Tank Top


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Women's Active Merino T-Shirt Mauve

Women's Active Merino T-Shirt


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Women's Merino Leggings Black

Women's Merino Leggings


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Women's 2 Pack // Active Merino T-Shirt

Women's 2 Pack // Active Merino T-Shirt

Choose any 2 T-shirts from 2 color options.

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High-Performance, Comfortable and Understated: How Activewear Should Be

“Active” means something different to everyone. For some women, it’s dominating the squat rack at their local gym. For others, it’s fitting in morning runs around Hong Kong’s Central district in between high-powered business meetings. Some do yoga in a small-town motel or hit the treadmill in a high-end hotel. Some climb impossibly high mountains. Some tear down that mountain on a snowboard.

But everyone agrees on one thing: You need the right clothes.

Whatever type of “active” you are, Unbound Merino has your ideal activewear. Our clothes are designed to withstand the rigors of travel and exercise; they’re comfortable, hard-working and sustainable; and they’re versatile enough that you go from the gym to brunch without an outfit change.

The Merino Advantage

Scientists at countless labs have tried to experiment their way toward a perfect activewear fabric, creating complex synthetics out of rubber and plastic polymers. But they can’t beat nature.

Merino wool is sweat-wicking, breathable, odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and fast-drying. And best of all, it achieves its greatness sustainably – with no chemical runoff or non-biodegradable components.

High-Performance Activewear Built to Withstand Your Lifestyle

Great activewear is like a great workout buddy. It keeps up with you. It encourages you. And it’s game for anything.

We developed our high-performance merino wool activewear to withstand your lifestyle – whatever it is. If you want to take our merino shirts and tops half-way around the world to climb a Himalayan peak, they’ll help keep you warm and dry. If you want to take our Merino Leggings for a grueling afternoon run on a hilly Greek Island, they’ll keep you cool. If you want to break a sweat in the hotel gym, they’ll keep you smelling fresh and ready for the next adventure.

No Flashy Logos or Distracting Colors

We’ve seen the other workout clothes. The unnecessary neon bands, the big logos, the odd design choices. It’s too busy.

Our workout clothes are minimalist by comparison. Instead of poring effort into creating a flashy logo, we used our energy on creating cuts and designs that complement rather than distract. The result is merino activewear that’s elegant and understated. We want you to feel good in these clothes – not just at the gym, but in your daily life too.

On-the-Go Comfort

Our line of women’s Merino wool activewear uses premium superfine wool spun from fibers with a diameter of less than 17 microns. Think of it like “high thread count sheets” for your body. These ultra-thin fibers combine to create a luxuriantly soft and silky activewear garment.

Essentially, we wanted to create something that passed “the airplane test.” Could you wear our Active Merino Tops, Active merino t shirts, or Women’s Merino Leggings on a 13-hour flight to Australia – and still feel good on the other end? We passed the test, and can say without hesitation that these merino activewear items are the epitome of on-the-go comfort. Learn more about caring for your activewear in our guide to caring for merino clothing.

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