Pack Less. Experience More.

Traveling is supposed to feel like an adventure, but most of the time, your big bags just get in the way. Imagine if your next big trip was luggage free. No check-in, no waiting, and no worries. You’d breeze right past the horde at the carousel. You’d beat the taxi rush. You’d be off and away – free to move whenever inspiration or opportunity struck.

Think about it, baggage is just that. It’s baggage. It weighs you down, slows you down and distracts you from the things that actually matter.

Thousands of people from all over the world have already discovered that Unbound Merino is a game changer for travel. We invite you to do the same. Take one trip without the physical and mental burden of luggage and we promise you’ll feel the same way. You’ll be more aware and focused, in harmony with the moment and able to enjoy the culture that surrounds you. One trip and you’ll never travel the same way again.

Our Story

Unbound Merino was founded by three lifelong best friends. In high school we got our first real taste of travel when we made art prints depicting our favorite bands and sold them on the road to make enough money to get from one concert to another.

Following a rock band around America was an adventure that paved the way for an addiction to experiencing the world. While living abroad, we discovered better and more effective ways of doing things with each trip. We quickly became travel hackers. Seeking out new ways to take the hassles out of travel.

Unbound Merino was created with that same spirit in mind – to solve a problem we've had in our own travels. Turns out, hauling around luggage was just no way to see the world.

Unbound Merino was dreamed up and tested while on the road. The more we traveled luggage free, the more we realized that this was the only way to travel.

Now, our mission is to bring that discovery – that sense of freedom, spontaneity and adventure – to people all over the world.

Our purpose is to help make your travel that much more rewarding.

UNBOUND MERINO will bring out
your inner minimalist.

In a world dominated by fast-fashion, we want to slow things down. We produce timeless, versatile pieces that are designed to last. You’ll quickly find that the benefits of Unbound Merino extend far beyond travel and into your everyday life. Helping you declutter your daily routine, save money and time, and focus on the things that actually matter.

But don’t take our word for it, some of the world’s most brilliant minds have already caught onto this idea.

Simple Clothing.
Extraordinary Performance.

It’s the mantra behind every piece we create. All of our clothing is designed with style and function in mind. We purposefully skip the flashy logos or embellishments to give you clothing that you’d be just as comfortable wearing to workout or go out. Clothing you can wear on a day trip to a bazaar, or dress up for a night out. We have worked collaboratively with Australian Merino wool farmers to source nature’s ultimate performance fiber. It’s super soft to the touch, durable, and ultra light.

“Less, but better.”

This approach was coined by legendary German industrial designer Dieter Rams. His hugely influential work for companies like Braun was beautiful, functional, and timeless. This minimalist and functionalist approach is at the core of everything we do as a company and every piece of clothing we create. It’s also what our clothing can help you achieve in your travels and everyday life. It’s our promise to you.