Our Story

"Art is about the elimination of the unnecessary."

- Pablo Picasso

Unbound is about the art of travel.

Unbound was founded by three lifelong best buds. We first met back in the third grade and have been close ever since. In high school we got our first real taste of travel when we made art prints depicting our favourite bands and sold them on the road to make enough money to get from one live show to another. Following our favourite band throughout America was an adventure that paved the way for an addiction to experiencing the world.

Unbound was created with that same spirit in mind, to solve a problem we've had with our own travels; hauling luggage. Unbound is a line of clothing that will allow you to see more of the world, without the burden of hauling around bulky luggage. Stylish, premium Merino wool clothing that can be worn for weeks or even months without ever needing to be washed.  Which means you can ditch the big suitcase, because all you'll need is your backpack.

We've created the travel essentials that will bring out the true minimalist in you.

One trip without the physical and mental burden of luggage and we promise you will be more aware and focused, in harmony with the moment and able to enjoy the culture that surrounds you. As you begin to feel truly free, you will finally be unbound from the material world you left at home.

Free to travel lighter, simpler, and smarter.