The only clothes you'll ever have to pack

Ultra-comfortable 100% Superfine Merino wool clothing that packs light, stays fresh longer, and looks great in any situation.

Shop Best Selling Travel Clothes 4.9 (3000+ reviews)
Shop Best Selling Travel Clothes 4.9 (3000+ reviews)

Odor Resistant

Temperature Regulating

Fast drying


5 reasons you’ll want to replace your entire wardrobe with Unbound Merino:


Not your grandma’s itchy wool

Better than regular wool or cotton, our sustainable superfine Merino wool results in luxuriously silky soft clothing that’s lighter and much softer than the average Merino or cotton clothing.

It’s durable, comfortable, and perfect for all your adventures.


Naturally wrinkle resistant so you’re always ready-to-go

Each Merino wool fiber resembles a tightly coiled spring that quickly recoils back into shape when pulled. 

This elasticity gives our Merino wool clothing a comfortable stretch and makes it easy to toss into your luggage and be good to go when you need it.


Stays fresh for weeks

Thanks to Merino wool’s natural antibacterial properties, you can wear your Unbound Merino clothing for weeks without ever needing to wash it.

You’ll be able to do more traveling, and less packing.


Keeps you feeling “just right” by regulating your temperature

Merino wool is simultaneously breathable and insulating, keeping you warm when it’s cold and staying cool, dry and comfortable when it’s hot out.

Whether you’re facing a hot, humid, or chilly day, you’re covered.


Fast drying for all-day all-weather situations

Because of Merino wool’s moisture-wicking ability, rain or shine, you’ll be dry and comfortable before you know it, ready to move quickly.