10 ways UNBOUND MERINO will change the way you travel

Our simple, stylish and versatile Merino wool clothing can be worn for weeks or even months - without ever needing to be washed. From now on, you’ll be traveling light, fast and free because all you’ll need is a carry-on backpack.

1. You’ll pack less & experience more.

Unbound Merino was dreamed up and tested on the road by three best friends. The more we traveled luggage free, the more we realized that it was the only way to travel. We discovered that bringing less stuff leads to better travel experiences. Now our mission is to bring that sense of freedom, spontaneity and adventure to people all over the world. Our 2-pack has helped thousands of people in over 90 countries pack less, ditch the suitcase and feel truly free.

2. You’ll Save Money.

These days, airlines are going to charge you for anything other than a carry-on. On multiple trips, these savings are going to add up fast.

3. You’ll Save Time.

Imagine never having to wait in long queues to check luggage again. Imagine skipping the horde of travelers waiting for their bulky bags at the carousel. As soon as you deplane, you’ll breeze past the large crowds, beat the line for cabs, and be off and away.

4. You’ll feel truly free.

Isn’t that what travel is all about? With less stuff, you’ll be free to experience more – More clarity, more time, and more freedom. You will be more aware and focused, in harmony with the moment and able to enjoy the culture that surrounds you.

5. You won’t look like a tourist.

Nothing screams “I’m a tourist, please take advantage of me” than a big suitcase. Travel simply and you’ll find you’ll get more of a positive vibe from locals and draw less attention from anyone looking to rip off fanny-pack wearing travelers.

Ready to experience what it’s like to travel Unbound?

6. You’ll be truly spontaneous

Luggage is the antithesis of spontaneity. It shouldn’t be so difficult moving from place to place. Travel should always feel like an adventure. When inspiration or fate strikes - you’ll be off in a flash.

7. You’ll own something with real value.

A lot of clothing purchased today is more or less disposable. It’s designed to deteriorate after a few wears. While it may seem to be a cheaper option at first - it ends up costing more over time. Not to mention the human and environmental cost. Having a few items that are long-lasting creates more value in the long run and is a better way to live.

8. You’ll have less laundry to do abroad.

Who wants to do laundry on vacation? Nobody. With a wardrobe full of clothing that rarely needs to be washed, you’ll save time, money and energy doing chores.

9. You’ll always look great.

In a perfect world, you would be wearing your favourite clothing every day. Unbound lets you live in that world. Clothing that doesn’t go through the wash cycle with every wear keeps it’s form and fit. It’s like the first time you put it on, every time.

10. Unbound Merino will bring out your inner Minimalist.