Why Merino Makes The Perfect Base Layers For Cold Weather

Merino Wool
April 20, 2020

From a fashion standpoint, winter can be hit or miss: either you’re the type that likes to layer and knows how to properly insulate yourself against the cold without looking like you’re wearing the entire dresser; or you’re not. It can be tricky finding base layers that are comfortable, not too heavy, yet provide proper insulation, and this becomes even more problematic when you’re hitting the ski slopes. When you’re skiing, it’s imperative to have base layers that will keep you warm while still providing your skin some ventilation as you work up a sweat cutting moguls and landing jumps.

Winter is an awesome time to pack up and go on vacation – just as good as the summer, and in some ways better – which was why, here at Unbound Merino, we strived to create all-season clothing that was functional, fashionable and felt great – the three F’s if you will. If you’re wondering just how great our clothes are, and just how amazing Merino wool looks and feels, you can learn why so many people choose us as their go-to wardrobe, both for traveling and at-home, by checking out the benefits of Merino wool on our website. In this post, however, we’ll give a quick rundown of what makes Unbound Merino’s Merino wool clothes the perfect winter base layers.

Wool has always had an important role to play in the winter wardrobe, but unlike the rough wool sweaters and itchy socks of old, Merino wool’s ultra-fine fibre structure renders it plush and smooth. When you’re wearing a bulky coat or a rough sweater, you want to know that the base layer – the layer that’s actually touching your skin – is comfortable, and that it moves and conforms nicely, all of which our comfortable mens Merino wool underwear or socks and shirts do. Honestly, it’ll improve your winter five-fold having that warm, soft hug on you all day long.

Warmth is another key consideration when looking at base layers, as wind and rain has a way of whipping through coats, up sleeves and around collars. A base layer is your last line of defense against the cold, and having a fabric like Merino wool manning the gates means that your body heat will stay where it should: your body. Because of its fine fibre structure, Merino wool offers superior insulation, keeping your core warm while remaining lightweight and breathable.

And its breathability comes in handy again when you exert yourself (either by skiing, as mentioned, or maybe shoveling the snow in your driveway) as it wicks away sweat, moving sweat from the skin to the surface of the clothes where it can be evaporated. There’s nothing worse than breaking a sweat in the cold, only to have that moisture essentially freeze to you and make you even colder; thankfully, merino wool keeps you dry throughout activity and inactivity. And when you do eventually head indoors, where the climate is amply heated, you need only remove your outer layers and wear your Unbound Merino shirt just like you would in the summer, and its breathability will keep you comfy.

It doesn’t take a lot of research or effort to learn why so many people choose us as their go-to wardrobe, because Merino wool’s abilities really do speak for themselves. Functional, fashionable and feeling great, our Unbound Merino clothing is your all-season, all-situation, all-location wardrobe.


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