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E-commerce Product Manager

The Product Manager owns the development and upkeep of the product roadmap, equipping all department leaders with the right information at the right time, to successfully bring the product vision to life according to schedule and plan. In this role, you'll manage the product roadmap from ideation to post-launch, ensuring successful product launches, campaigns and updates along the way.

The ideal candidate is results-driven and detail-oriented, with a passion for delivering high-quality products. Strong leadership and management skills are a must! We are looking for a multiplier to elevate the team while holding team members accountable. Someone who is patient with results, yet impatient with action. We are a team of driven self-starters, working in a dynamic non-corporate, fast-paced environment, and enjoying the challenge of making it happen.

About Us:

Unbound Merino was created by three lifelong friends. We spent our high school days following our favorite bands across America. Every time we came home, all we could think about was saving enough money for the next big adventure.

It didn’t take long until we turned our sights on the rest of the world. Like many seasoned travelers, we were drawn to the impressive performance properties of Merino wool. The fabric was perfectly suited for travel, but it was typically designed as outdoor activewear, with flashy logos and unnecessary embellishments. Sure, it performed great on a hike, but we wanted something that also looked great at a restaurant, in a museum, at a rock concert, and out on the town.

Unbound Merino was created to solve a problem that we all shared. After years of researching, designing and prototyping, we partnered with industry leaders to create the most versatile and highest-performing Merino wool clothing that’s made specifically for travel and everyday life. Our purpose is to create simple, high-performance clothing that is versatile enough for any occasion.

It’s really that simple, and it works. Imagine if your next big trip was luggage free. No check-in, no waiting, and no worries. You’d breeze right past the horde at the baggage carousel. You’d beat the taxi rush. You’d be off and away — free to move whenever inspiration or opportunity struck. You’ll be more aware and focused, in harmony with the moment, and able to enjoy the culture that surrounds you. Take one trip without the physical and mental burden of luggage and you’ll never travel the same way again.


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Your #1 Role as Product Manager

The primary role of the Product Manager is to be the driving force behind our product innovation and success.

In practical terms, you'll take ownership of the product roadmap, ensuring that our offerings align with our company vision and customer needs.

Your role involves collaborating with various departments such as e-commerce, marketing, and production; acting as the single source of truth in order to facilitate efficient product launches. You'll lead a team through an 18-month planning cycle, from product ideation to execution, constantly refining our portfolio and strategy. 

Your responsibility extends to product improvement, feedback loops, and customer satisfaction analysis to inform strategic adjustments. Weekly status updates, launch decision frameworks, training and mentoring the product dev staff, and regular product meetings will be essential to keep everything on track.

This role leans heavily on experience in product development and DTC apparel, a keen eye for detail, and being able to integrate many moving pieces and deadlines.

Key Responsibilities:

On a regular basis,

  • Own the product roadmap for go to market on new items 
    • Work with product and marketing teams to develop and execute product roadmaps that align with business goals and objectives, ensuring all product launches and updates are delivered on time, and within scope and budget
    • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of new product launches and track progress against goals
    • Collaborate with other departments, including production, marketing, and operations, to generate new product ideas aligned with market trends and customer needs
    • Review & approve quarterly design briefs to give the team clear information on expectations, targets, launches, and action items 
    • Provide feedback, approval, and sign off on key milestones or progress points within the development cycle  
    • Work with the team to optimize and adjust processes as needed
    • Ensure all tracking systems and projects are kept up to date and accurate 
  • Train and mentor the product dev, keeping them on task and accountable
    • Lead resource allocation, ensuring every team member has what they need to do their job successfully 
    • Hold regular check-ins and status update meetings with the team to ensure items are moving forward
    • Ensure new team members receive proper orientation and training to understand the company's values, processes, and product development methodologies.
  • Create a product improvement framework to ensure continued success & strategic adjustments as needed 
    • Establish mechanisms for collecting feedback from customers, internal teams, and stakeholders regarding product performance and satisfaction
    • Collaborate with product designers and production staff to plan and implement new features or improvements based on feedback and strategic priorities.
    • Implement an iterative development process that allows for continuous improvement and quick adjustments based on user feedback
    • Conduct post-release evaluations to determine the impact of implemented changes on user satisfaction and business outcomes and share these results and suggestions with leadership 
  • Support the integration of accurate and timely product information between departments
    • E-Commerce team has all of the correct information to list on the website
    • Marketing team can support product timelines and launch dates with photoshoots and marketing campaigns 
    • Production & Supply Chain teams have a clear understanding of what SKU’s, fabrics, trims, and colours need to be ordered and shipped 
    • Work with Supply Chain & Inventory to create strategic buy plans 
    • Participate in & hold regular planning meetings between departments and leadership to ensure everyone knows what is happening 

KPI’s you’ll be responsible for:

  • Return Rate (Refunds Only)
  • Product Review Score Average
  • Number of products released each year on time

Success Looks Like:

  • Managing all product launches from development to launch
  • 95% on-time execution of product launches

Ideal Qualifications:

You might be a good fit for this position if you…

  • Have 3+ years of experience in fashion, apparel,, ideally in the retail or e-commerce industry; experience working with a DTC company is an assetDetail-oriented with a passion for delivering high-quality products and user experiences
  • Are a creative problem-solver with a proactive attitude
  • Are Results-driven
  • Have strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate and manage a team, consistently setting high expectations and holding team members accountable
  • Have the ability to adapt to a fast-paced, dynamic and non-corporate work environment, regularly taking on new challenges and responsibilities with enthusiasm
  • Possess strong soft skills, yet firm
  • Are impatient with action
  • Act as a self starter, willing to take a risk and take action - even at the risk of making mistakes along the way (but the ability to reassess and course correct)
  • Are Interested, curious, fun
  • Are Ambitious, driven and with a desire to think and act big
  • Have the ability to be motivated in a remote work setting
  • Have a passion for travel and/or fashion!

We believe in growth and curiosity, so if you only have some of these qualities and are excited about the opportunity, then we still want to hear from you!

This is a full time, employee role for anyone who is legally able to work in Canada. The role is mostly remote, with the ability to travel to our warehouse in Scarborough, our sample storage in Waterloo, and leadership meetings in Toronto as required.

Someone who is based in the Southern Ontario region would be preferred, though not required.

Compensation + Hours:

This is a full time employee role, with a 90 day probationary period. The ideal candidate would start before the end of October 2023.

The annual starting salary for this position is $90,000 CAD.

Additional benefits:

  • Primarily remote work environment
  • Extended health & dental benefits
  • 3 weeks paid vacation
  • 10 medical or personal days
  • Personal growth bursary
  • Annual bonus based on personal & company performance
  • Carry-on essentials (aka free clothing!)
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